Damaged Windshield? Repair your glass or replace with new windshield

Broken or damaged windshield? Scratched, cracked Windscreen or dents or chips from stones? 
Damaged car glass limits visiblity and cracks on your windshield is not safe. In sunlight worn or scratched glass limits your vision.
With car glass insurance cover, you pay only detuctible in replacing a new windscreen. Repair of your glass is free with insurance cover. Windshield replacement or repair with insurance made easy for you.

New windshield replacement

Windshield replacement with glass insurance cover costs you just the deductible. Typically the deductible is in average 100 – 200€. 

Damaged glass area smaller than 2€ coin, can be repaired with a quick fix. Protect the damaged area of you windscreen with tape and book a time for glass repair from us. With glass insurance cover, the repair is free of charge.

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